DVD: The Victor Marx Story now comes with 15 subtitles

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The Victor Marx Story: "When Impossible is The Only Way Out"

DVD 65 minutes

The Victor Marx Story now comes with 15 subtitles:

(DVD includes 15 subtitles including English for the hard-of-hearing): English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Mandarin, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Hindi, Arabic, Farsi, Bengali

"The movie is a powerful and shocking depiction of Victor Marx's abusive childhood, and how God transformed a lost, bitter and angry man to a powerful witness for God's redeeming love. This movie is a perfect opportunity to show friends or family struggling with life issues, and are in need of an encouraging word of hope."

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Comments from Viewers:

"Victor's personal life story is proof that God's grace-filled, redeeming love can overpower and destroy man's fear-driven and hate-filled evil. You can't watch this movie without being deeply moved and forever changed." - Mary, USA
"This movie was such an eye opener to what goes on in so any homes, sadly. I learned so much about post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Everyone knows someone that needs to see this movie! There IS hope for those who have been abused. God is bigger than your past, and this move demonstrates it very well." - R Matheson, CA
"Touching testimony of a real man that went through real hard life traumas and encountered the one and only real God! Changed his life. Saved him. Healed his wounds. You will be so moved at the transparency of Victor Marx. - Kim and Dennis Rasche, TN
"I'll start by saying I'm biased. I'm a Christian, but I'm biased against "Christian" films. 99% of the time they are equally awful and embarrassing, and that's being generous. This is a documentary, and it pulled me right in just as much or not more than other documentary favorites of mine. In short, I was caught off guard with how much I liked it. It has great production quality that this powerful story deserves." - Sheeky, CA